Womens Foil

Entries as of 5 February 2015:

Confirmed entries are listed below. If your club is wrong or missing please email correct details to  milind.pradhan@englandfencing.org.uk

Surname First Name Club Ranking
Asfour Lana Salle Boston 116
Church Amy Surrey Swords Fencing Club 15
Coates Tracey Huntingdonshire Fencing Club 41
Cook Catherine Unattached 999
Cserny Erika Central London Fencing Club 20
Ellis Bethany Wrekin Sword 45
Fihosy Ayesha Salle Boston 51
Hill Heulwen Llantwit Major 85
Hyman Amy Salle Boston 154
Kwok Rachel Academy 14
Labanicova Katerina London Fencing Club 999
Lewandowska Magdalena Colchester & District Fencing Club 34
Lupinetti Catiuscha London Fencing Club 999
Martins Kivia London Fencing Club 999
Mazoyer Veronique London Fencing Club 94
McDermott Chiara Salle Boston 17
Mikhaleva Oxana Saxon 24
Mullins Philippa Salle Boston 22
Namm Anna London Fencing Club 999
Nemitz Marion Salle Boston 74
Nichols Zoe Crawley Sword Club 87
Pearce Madison Oxford University Fencing Club 11
Peretti Costanza Millfield 19
Rogers Abigail Unattached 999
Segall Emma Tina Oxford University 8
Taylor Beatrice Academy 36
Villa Alessandra Salle Boston 42
Worman Gillian Surrey Swords Fencing Club 26
Yordanova Nadya Bexley Fencing Club 71
Zhuo Xuan Unattached 999